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We value Human Rights work as a lifestyle to cultivate and therefore volunteer our time to the cause throughout our entire structure. Our team of dedicated professionals commit time each month to pay it forward toward a greater world of skilled, impactful activists assisting communities around the globe. Instead of salary, our work is compensated with professional development opportunities, recognition and rewards through our employee engagement program.

Some positions require specific skills and backgrounds while others do not. Be sure to check qualifications thoroughly. Whether you are a professional looking to work pro bono, a person wanting to get involved with a specific project, or a student looking to hone skills, EOTO World has a place for you!
ALL of our opportunities can be performed anywhere in the globe, provided you have sufficient Internet access and may require work on the ground to reach Activists without frequent Internet access.

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Ways to apply
  1. Apply via Facebook in the Work For Us tab for a specific position. You must attach your resume and cover letter.
  2. Send in your resume and cover letter to You must indicate what position you would like to apply for in the subject line.
Kindly note: Incomplete applications will not be considered and only short-listed applicants will be contacted. Your interest in EOTO World is appreciated! 

Positions Available

Associate Director - As an Associate Director, you would be shouldering a portion of the responsibilities of the Executive Director. Some responsibilities include assisting in the overall management and daily operation of the organization, collaborating with international staff, co-direct the steering of priorities of the organization in consultation with the Board of Directors, including grant acquisition as well as negotiate, build and execute strategic alliances/campaigns to maximize output for stakeholders. 

Estimated time to spend per month is approximately 60-80 hours. 

Program Coordinator: Project SPEAK- In this position, you would be responsible for the upkeep of project SPEAK, our blog that features activist perspectives from around the world, including recruitment and maintenance of the site area for the blog. You would also be responsible for keeping up social media related to each post and work directly with activist submissions through employing collaborative editing to enhance activist messages and build activist skills. 

Estimated time to spend per month is approximately 20-30 hours.

Board of Director - The Board will support the work of EOTO World and provide leadership and strategic governance to move the organization from a start-up phase to a sustainable operation. Whereas day to day operations are led by the Executive Director (ED), the Board-ED relationship is a partnership where the appropriate involvement of the Board is both critical and expected. Board member responsibilities are carried out within committees, where each member serves on a minimum of 2 committees. 

Estimated time to spend per month is approximately 8-16 hours. For full details and additional requirements to apply, read the full announcement here.  

Program Intern - As a Program Intern, you will be assigned to one of our programs and taught the ropes on how it operates. You will be directly responsible for the upkeep of communications with stakeholders, engage with beneficiaries, participate in crafting program budgets, coordinate partnerships and may even have an opportunity to make presentations and/or run program workshops. 

Estimated time to spend per month is approximately 10-20 hours for a minimum of 1 full year.

Marketing and Promotions (MAP) Intern - As a MAP Intern, you will design promotional materials like brochures, post cards, fliers and others for commercial use. The MAP Team markets events and programs to the general public and creates creative contests for audiences to engage in. In addition to working directly with the PR Specialist or designated staff member, the MAP team contributes work alongside the Board of Directors Communications Committee in shaping, honing and creating the messaging necessary to increase brand recognition and maximize potential impact. 

Estimated time to spend per month is approximately 15-20 hours for a minimum of 4 months.